Diablo Fitness Engineering was created by our business partner, Diablo CrossFit, one of the largest and most successful CrossFit affiliates in the world. Diablo CrossFit has more than 13 years of functional fitness business experience including:

  • Daily workout programming
  • Daily workout tracking (10’s of thousands of data points)
  • Competition programming
  • CRM software implementation (Mindbody, Zenplanner, Wodify, Pike 13)
  • Staff & Coach management
  • Local Competition management & promotion
  • Online Competition management
  • Community building
  • Competition community development
  • Supplement & beverage sales management
  • Apparel & accessory sales management
  • Marketing & advertising promotions
  • 6 Week Transformation management & promotion
  • Gym layout & design
  • Class formats & variations
  • Daily schedule planning
  • Coach & staff management & scheduling

We offer several levels of consulting services, including site visits, based on client gym size and needs. The first step begins with a telephone conversation. Send us a note and we’ll reach out promptly.